Home Selling Mistakes

You didn’t keep your home clean and neat – It’s time to bring out the neat and clean freak in you when selling a home. Keeping your home neat, orderly and smelling clean speaks volumes to Buyers as they wander through your home. It tells them that you care for your home and a cared for home brings in top dollars from Buyers.

You didn’t keep your home light and bright– Light and bright makes everything look so much better. Blinds drawn, lights not turned on and light bulbs burnt out do not elicit welcoming thoughts.

You didn’t remove the “You” from your home – Seeing “You” when Buyers walk into your home make it difficult for them to see themselves living in your home. It’s a gift to be able to see beyond the “You” and most Buyers do not possess that gift. Make it easy for them and remove your extremely personal touches such as rows of family photos and your collections.

Your Real Estate Agent didn’t take high quality Photos of your home – Dark lit photos, toilet lids up, pets running through the photo, you in the photo, few photos and just plain, awful photos won’t get Buyers into your home. They’ll skip over your home and keep hunting for the well photographed home.

You never knew your Real Estate Agent took poor quality photos – What you never knew?! Didn’t you ask to see your home’s presentation? Even without you asking, your Real Estate Agent should show you the finished product of your home’s online presentation. So many of the photos that I come across when I’m searching for homes for sale for my Buyers in Coral Springs Florida are disgraceful, while I’m just shocked at the pathetic photo presentations. I’m confident that the homeowners have no idea of how poorly their home looks otherwise, they’d fire their Agent. Your home should look so good that you almost second guess your decision to sell, as you’ll want to buy your home all over again.

You were bullheaded – Bullheaded and difficult to manage can be most common in people however, when you’re selling your home it cannot be about your way or the highway. Agreement will be a manner in which great results can be achieved. Give a little, take a little.

You didn’t make sure prospective Buyers were well qualified financially to buy your home – When considering a Buyer’s offer to purchase your home, you’ll want to scrutinize their financing qualifications, if financing. Ensure that their credit, income and assets have been reviewed. Ask your Real Estate Agent, as they should be making sure this occurs with each Buyer’s offer.

You didn’t neutralize those bold, bright colors in your home – Some may adore bright and bold colors, however the masses are attracted to neutrals knowing they can add their own pizazz, if desired. Finding Buyers who have the exact same bold tastes as you will be limited. Why would you ever want to limit the number of Buyers drawn to your home? Don’t.

You thought the correct selling price for your home was as per Zillow – Oh, the age old Zillow estimate. If I had a dollar for every time someone referenced what Zillow says about prices, I’d be along side the riches of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Zillow will never replace the skilled Real Estate Agent who knows how to price homes. It involves so much more than Zillow’s algorithms to get it right.

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